The Death of Bad Systems

Quite often many coworkers and people  that I know ask me what do I really do. Coworkers, especially new ones, see me getting involved in many initiatives but don’t really understand my role. Frequently they assume I am the project manager and hence come back to me with updates on timelines and deliverables. Yes, I…

Start writing more effective emails

If you’re busy professional, you definitely need a reminder of several best practices for writing better emails that will help us get the point across and will minimize the countless back and forth communication, all contributing to ever increasing number of emails to everyone’s inbox.

Operations as a secret weapon

Recently, the company I work for introduced a new structure of senior management that includes a new C-level position, the Chief Operating Officer. Not all companies have COOs which is why this position is unclear to many of its role and purpose. When doing a research on the role you will find different and quite ambiguous definitions online….

Make meetings great again

How often do you go to a meeting just to realize that the meeting was wasted and none of the objectives were achieved? How often do you get an invite without an agenda? To me it happens way too often. Almost every day. The more it happens the more frustrated and burnt out we get,…

It all starts with your Mindset

The way we live our lives and the way we see the world starts with our brain and our thinking. As a result, our mindset could be one of the key factors influencing our happiness and growth. Carol Dweck calls it a Growth Mindset and Heidi Halvorson call it the “Get Better” Mindset. No matter the name,…